We're Hiring

It takes an entire crew of happy people to run our happy boats. From retired naval officers, police officers, and lawyers to professional golfers, restaurateurs, sailing instructors, and florists, you'll work alongside some of the most interesting and amazing people you will ever meet. 


We're talking non-stop oceanfront views. Forget the corner office— nothing beats our floating boardrooms where you've always got dibs on the window seat.


Enjoy free rides for yourself, a complimentary Water Taxi family pass, and exclusive employee events & discounts within the tourism industry.


Founded in 1990 with just two ferry boats, we have since expanded to a team of over 50 seasonal and full-time crew members and have carried more than four million passengers.

Job Openings

Please select and review the position you are interested in. When you are ready to apply, please fill out the application attached and submit for consideration. 


Please submit your application on or before January 15, 2020.


The position of the Dispatch Agent is based on providing information and support to our passengers and the Victoria Harbour Ferry Team. The Dispatch Agent will manage the dispatch answering system and coordinate with the Watch Leaders and Captains on duty, to service our passengers upon request.


The position of the Customer Service Representative (CSR) consists of providing direct sales for Victoria Harbour Ferry passengers. In addition, the position calls for assistance with boarding and deboarding of passengers from Harbour Ferry vessels.


The Captain provides narrated tours and water taxi service to Victoria Harbour Ferry passengers. The role is based on our commitment to safety (on and off the vessel). Passenger service and attention to detail is supported by our motto - “Happy People in Happy Boats.”