Victoria Harbour Ferry 2021 COVID Protocol



  1. All vessels must be sanitized before start-up and after each passenger drop-off.  Sanitize hardware on all entrances, hand holds and assigned seating areas.  Captains and dock staff must sanitize their Moneris before and after every use.
  2. On duty dock staff must offer hand sanitizer to every customer.  
  3. All vessels must have onboard hand sanitizer fore and aft to be used by every embarking passenger.  The captain will frequently use hand sanitizer after every transaction and interaction with a customer.
  4. All staff must wear either a cloth mask with a secure nose clip or the N95 mask provided.  It must be worn at all times from the start of their shift at the captain's cabin until the close of their shift, leaving the captain's cabin.  The mask must covers their mouth and nose.  The sole exceptions to this policy is while a captain is underway and there are no other persons on board, or while eating or drinking.
  5. Dock staff must stay behind the plexiglas shield at all times when serving a customer. They will vigorously discourage cash transactions.  The docks at every location must be marked at two-meter intervals for social distancing and captains and dock staff must remain vigilant that these markings are respected.
  6. Dock staff will direct customers to put on a mask covering mouth and nose as they approach the kiosk plexiglas and must offer a mask where needed.  NOTE: Children two years and under are not required to wear a mask.  They must advise the customer the mask must be worn at all times and must at all times cover their mouth and nose.  Captains, before they board customers, must remind them of the mask policy and the requirement that all customers should avail themselves of the hand sanitizer on board.  Any customer who maintains a medical reason for not wearing a mask will be permitted on board if they present an originally signed document to that effect from a licensed physician.  In such a case, the captain will assess whether any other passenger should share the vessel.
  7. Every customer prior to purchase of a ticket and as a condition of sale must be asked and must answer the following questions and agree to the following statements:
    1. Are you a resident of Vancouver Island/member of the Island Health Region?
    2. Have you travelled out of the country in the past month?
    3. Have you at any point in the past month, that you know of, been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19?
    4. To your knowledge, have you or anyone you have been in contact with in the past two weeks been feeling ill in any way?
    5. Your mask must be worn covering mouth and nose throughout your trip. Failure to do so will result in our captain dropping you at the nearest dock.
    6. You must give the captain your name and phone contact when you board, and he may ask for proof of same household where applicable.
    7. No physical assistance of any kind is available for your boarding or disembarking, unless provided by a person with whom you boarded.
  8. Passenger capacity per boat is a maximum of 10 passengers in a group who are not required to members of the same family or household.

  9. At all times, unless related to safety or extreme weather, the doors of the vessel must be either open or off.  The forward port window must be open by a minimum six inches, and the aft starboard window the same.  When boarding or disembarking passengers, captains must position themselves 6 feet away from their securely tied vessel and from any waiting passengers on the dock to verbally direct passengers related to their vessel to embark or disembark.
  10. The captain must be vigilant in enforcing these protocols in every respect and if faced with a challenge, must put in to the nearest dock, secure the vessel, power down and ask the “offender(s)” to disembark. If faced with refusal, the captain must disembark themselves and any others, record identifying features (photo) of the non-compliant person (for future cancellation of travelling privileges) and call the supervisor who will provide guidance as to a substitute vessel for those who are compliant, and will determine whether the police are required.  POLICE NON-EMERGENCY:  250-995-7654.  
  11. The captain must maintain a daily “tracing” document identifying, as a condition of passage, the vessel name, passenger names and phone numbers of each one of his passengers, and the time of day they travelled.  This document must be dated and turned in to the cabin at the close of each shift.
  12. On the condition that other passengers on board or boarding a vessel do not express objection to a dog, dogs are allowed on board on strict condition conveyed by the captain.  The dog at no point, even momentarily, assumes a position on the seats.  Dogs must sit on the floor at the feet of their owner, and be kept on a short leash such that they cannot move more than two feet.  Non compliant owners will be reminded once, then if again non compliant, they and their dog must be dropped off at the nearest dock and the captain report their identity to the extent possible, to the supervisor who will document and identify for future cancellation of travelling privileges.
  13. At shift end, each captain must note on the cabin board, with their name, which vessel(s) they used that day so that efficient cleaning can be assured for all vessels in use on any given day.